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The "Command Centre" of PĂ©rigord This is my old Study. Note the books, papers, dust, memories. 25 years of English essays marked in comfort here ... sigh
This is the path to the Doggie Door. Note the ground in dirt as they rounded the corner and head upstairs
Herds of Bulldogs have left their mark over the years. One had even customized the woodwork.
Looking down the corridor towards the washer/dryer and bathroom door.
The famous support wall that kept the support beams straight.
The hot water heating, electric and god knows what else ran through that beam.
Moving the electric and hot water connections so the steel beam could be inserted then we could remove the 4 2x6's and enlarge the room.
2x6's gone and jacks in place to straighten the beam.
Steel beam delivery service
The thing was huge and very, very heavy
Designed by KA Boom engineering ...
Only way to get it in is take out the lower window and stuff it through.
Yes, they did remember to take out the window first ....
Somehow, they were to get this monster up into the ceiling and on top of the new vertical supports built into the wall.
I guess they knew what they were doing because it was up and glued and screwed every 12 inches into place.
Vertical supports in the wall to support this massive beam. Final jacking being done.
Of course, Elsie fled upstairs where it was much more quiet.
The existing parquet floor had to come up as it was lifting and breaking in too many places to bother to fix it. This picture is looking forward.
No, that is not Marley's ghost --- it is one of the most important things in the house ... my beer fridge. This picture is taken from the same spot as the last one 'cept that it is looking to the rear.
This little alcove will be the place for our new library.
The old study (sigh) was from the beam in the top right to the left. The room is more than doubled in size.
Of course the old panel was too limited so a new one was installed.
The old downstairs bathroom --- I built this in 1985 with my own two hands. It still worked well, but it was not up to Elsie's standards.
It was very functional ... if not beautiful ...
They started to rip ....
The finished product --- Elsie's side of the new "Study"
My side of the Study. Notice the large Lazyboy recliner. I don't have to go upstairs if I want a short nap of an afternoon.
The back half of the study. When the new 3D TV's come in, the Flat screen from upstairs will come down here and we will buy one of those electric fireplaces to fit under the picture.
Our little Library.
It did not take Stanley long to chose his chair!
Carpet and new tile down to the washer/dryer. Bathroom door on left.
The new bathroom. I call it the "Taj mah Crapper"
the mind boggles ...
I guess I like it .... the dogs and my favourite position at 2:00 PM
The first wedding of the year. Our Friend Richard and Mona's daughter Angela being married at the Planetarium.
Angela and Andrew --- Bride and Groom
Yeah Elsie got me into a tie and jacket thing.... At least the Bride and Groom and Elsie look good!
Great Dinner in Richmond!!! I lost count around ten courses! Does Richard look proud?
Daddy Bride first dance.
Adams' River salmon run. "World's richest acre" when the run is huge!
Really an inspiring sight.
Our friend Dave from Salmon Arm. I first taught with him in 1972.
Just a few fish ... and the run had not hit its maximum yet.
Obligatory "We were There" shot
Lots of people and seeming hundreds of elementary school students.
The second wedding ... Elsie's Niece Marja and her Groom Ryan. It was held in Naramata on a very beautiful sunny day.
Whatever I was saying, I don't think she was buying ...
Not a large wedding, just a comfortable number, many of whom were old old friends. The Bride and Groom
Frank, Elsie's brother, telling me what he wanted for Christmas. I don't think my knee will ever be the same again
I married into this family???? From Left to Right ... Mieke, Elsie's sister, Frank, her brother, and Groucho Paynter. Hmmmmm ...


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