January 2012 to March 2012

Elsie & Betty - a toast to good friends with food & wine.
Joe & John
John & Joe at Dillon's Road House.
Part of the menu at Dillon's Road House. Notice the 'Spicy Road kill'!!
Elsie & Joe waiting for their hamburgers without the Road Kill
John & Betty having a good time at Dillon's
General Patton Museum at Chiriaco Summit CA
Desert Training Centre - Camp Young
Map of Desert Training Centre.
Another great meal at the Langley's and of course more wine.
Stanley & Thurston enjoying a lazy afternoon.
Yup! Another flat tire on the CR/V. At least it wasn't PĂ©rigord.
Joe, are the "Blam" burgers ready yet? Blam is our take on a hamburger which is 1 part lamb to 3 parts beef.
Langleys over for "Blam" burgers.
This is definitely an 'owie'.
And you thought the front looked bad. And this is after two weeks ......
They do actually get snow on the San Jacinto Mountains. This snow is from the night before.
Stanley gazing out at the world outside. Or is he having weird thoughts about the Bunny?
Lunch at Sherman's Deli - Joe with his lox & bagel ... WOW!!!!!
John with his pastrami sandwich and the delicious mustard.
Betty and her pastrami sandwich.
Elsie & her corn beef sandwich. LOTS of meat! Do we look focused????
Stanley snoozing. Can it get any better.
Bombay Beach on the Salton Sea CA
A couple of the buildings, or what is left of them, at Bombay Beach.
Another building at Bombay Beach.
Cute little outhouse at Bombay Beach.
A friendly, welcome sign in Bombay Beach.
Interesting architecture. Maybe a "dutch"wind turbine?
Another sign, in Niland CA, that shows where the troops trained.
A house in Niland made from the local rocks. Very picturesque.
A shoe tree at the 'Slabs' near Niland.
No, this is not a mud bath but they do call it the 'Mudpots'
Another Mudpot. I'm thinking it would be like quicksand.
Lunchtime at the Mudpots. In the background is, hopefully, a controlled farmer's fire.
Lunch "a la Betty". Delicious once again.
Betty & John enjoying the spread.
Elsie isn't doing too badly either.
Heading home. The weather was unbelievable all the way north.
Mount Shasta at it's best. What a view.