Wyoming Caravan

June 2012


The lineup just past Revelstoke for, what we thought, was a slide.
I think this is why there was a lineup. A car off the road.
Warning about mountain sheep which we never did see.
Even though it is mid-June there is still lots of snow on the mountains.
Signs of the wet spring that we had and are having.

Three of our caravan ahead of us.

Finally some wildlife. Notice the way these mountain sheep are facing. Were they trying to tell us something.

I certainly do like mountains. Interesting cloud formation.

Warnings of bears in the area, that we never saw.
The Bow River is FULL as are many of the rivers in the area.
Supposedly the worlds largest teepee just east of Medicine Hat.
Do you think that it is going to rain?
On the great prairies we are. Along highway 39 towards Weyburn SK. Joe didn't have to turn the steering wheel.
I guess we're on the right road. Heading to Weyburn.
We must be on the prairies looking at all these silos.
Not sure what the crop is but it sure was pretty.
Another picture of the caravan motoring along.
US border crossing near Fortuna ND. They were probably a little surprised to see all these coaches
The unbelievably busy busy town of Williston ND
Lots of road work. Will Périgord make it through here?
These are just some of the trailers set up for the workers.
More RVs used for housing the workers. We saw lots and lots of these types of parks.
A few of the apartments that have been built to house the workers.
Just a couple of the many heavy trucks that we saw in and around Williston.
Lunch break for some of the caravan.
Entry to Little Missouri National Grassland. It is not in Missouri but the Missouri River runs through it. It is said to be the largest Grassland in the nation.
Finally a beautiful park in Spearfish SD. Périgord looking beautiful after a wash.
Elsie is doing the pictures & Elsie likes taking pictures of statues. Thought this was cute.
This RV park in Spearfish had all sorts of neat statues.
This almost looked real. I wouldn't mind doing exactly what this fellow is and in the shade.
One more statue at entrance to office.
They do actually have some trees along I-90 in Wyoming.
The caravan waiting along I-90.
Brian waiting in the shade as it is HOT!
The caravan along I-90. You can see Dave, on the overpass, videotaping our arrival.
Follow the leader.
Finally the turn off towards the CamPlex in Gillette WY.
Waiting, in the heat, for our turn to park.
I told you it was hot! 86.5F in the A/C rig and 109.5F outside. Gillette is known for it's coal mines, so we were all given this "Coal Candy".
This is where we went for the Canadian group dinner.
Joe's happy. He's in an A/C restaurant & has a cold beer.
Ribs, beans, potato salad & pasta salad.
Smoked turkey, sausage, pulled pork & ribs. Hopefully we have some Alka-Seltzer.
The Opening Ceremonies starting with the flag parade.
The parade starts with the Canadian & American flags first.
Region 8 is in Canada and is made up of all the provinces east of Manitoba.
Region 9 is also Canada and is made up of all the provinces & territories east of Ontario.
Here we are all parked together in the blazing sun.
Périgord with the satellite dishes up & the door closed! The thing in the middle is NOT on Périgord
The sun shining through the smoke haze caused by the fires in Colorado.
Joe & Stanley enjoying a rest on the Stressless chair where the couch used to be.
Thurston on guard. As it is now 7:15pm we can turn off the A/C & open the door.
Another statue picture that Elsie took. This one in front of the CamPlex in Gillette.
Another one of those beautiful sunsets.
The 2 fifth wheels full of parts for the techies and just a few of the golf carts used at the rally.
A trip to the Eagle Butte Mine Overlook just north of Gillette.
Either Elsie has shrunk or this is one BIG shovel used in the coal mine.
A HUGE tire from a HUGE truck used in the coal mine.
Looking down into the open pit coal mine. You can just barely make out the trucks in the middle.
A day trip to Spearfish Canyon just outside Spearfish SD.
Just part of Spearfish Creek that runs through the Canyon.
Bridal Veil Falls in Spearfish Canyon.
Also went to look at Sturgis, home of the annual motorcycle rally. Started in 1938 and in 2011 about 416,000 people attended.
Rally over so we start heading home along I-90. Still smoke in the air from the Colorado fires.
Which way to go?? Does get confusing.
Sure do miss the mountains. Even here, in northern Wyoming, there is still a bit of snow on the mountains.
Interesting rock formation... for those that like rocks.
I do like my signs. Exit 0? Did they run out of numbers?
Lookout Pass elevation. Grouse Mountain at home is about 4039ft.
Oops. This poor fellow, I assume it is a fellow, took a wrong turn.
Almost at DogPatch. Only one more stop for the night in Spokane.
The Columbia River at Wanapum Lake near Vantage WA.
Wanapum Lake on the Columbia River.
Crossing the Columbia River heading west.
Hmmm.... do you think Périgord will fit?
Lots of roadwork along I-90. Widening it near Keechelus Lake WA.



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