To the World







Teresa Brereton Handler

 Judge Barbara Watt (inset photo)





Ribbons won in Prince George, Hazelmere and Chilliwack Shows

Needing 10 points, he was awarded 5 in Prince George, 4 in Hazlemere, and 3 in Chilliwack for a total of 12 points


Thurston Getting ready for his BIG DAY

The handler, Teresa, starts by trimming the close wiskers

The out comes the electric razor ... Does Thurston look happy?

This is the beauty shop where they are primped and primed for their two minutes in the ring
Here, the judge, gives him the once over. She must have liked him as she proclaimed him to be the "Best of Winners" and therefore a new "Canadian Champion"!!! Can you hear the cheers from the mlllions in the stands?????



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