Stanley and I taking our leisure at Swan Lake Recreation Resort in Vernon. You can see that the weather was warm but not the hot sun for which Vernon is famous
Even the Turtles were looking for a warmer place to sit
Lord Thurston being "groomed" for the Hazelmere Doggie Show
Teresa trying to bribe Lord Thurston to walk on his lead ... she didn't have much luck one day ... he is a pretty stubborn little brute
World renowned woolen mills
One of the huge looms at the woolen mill
This looks like a photograph but is actually woven art
"Happy Canyon" the Wild West Show performers
Some of the happy RVers at the show
Latecomers to the show
Hey Alf & Richard real SHEEP
The performers waiting for ??
The MC and one, almost, bald head
Here is the 49er walking in by himself. His wife comes in after pulling the cart.
On the Oregon Trail and LOST, of course, not wanting to ask directions.
This MCFellow was hilarious.
Pendleton has quite an interesting history
Chinese underground living quarters.
Underground living quarters and opium den.
Butcher shop
Check out the prices!!
The purple looking lights are actually glass and part of the sidewalk above, to let in light.
Illegal gambling
The tin roof must have been quite beautiful in its day.
Quite a surprise to see Betty Boop on the sidewalk.
This building looked neat until I found out it was later a house of ill repute (whore house -- for you less delicate people).
Guess what goes on here in the Cozy Rooms? The early bordello. (see picture just before)
The Cozy Rooms hallway. Beautiful wood but not very soundproof I'll bet.....
Back to the rally and some line dancing after dinner. I just watch!!!
The dinner lineup. RVers are not backward about being forward.
On the road to the west coast. Definitely very "prairieish".
Still on the road to the west. Quite the 'bread basket' of the US of A.


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