Pictures of Pilot Knob Area and Gila Bend AZ Rally

February and early March 2007


For you ardent readers of these epistles, you will recognize a similar shot from our 2005 winter trip. This time though, we have our brand new GPS to really get us into trouble as we wander through the desert. in Patton's steps ... so to speak
The route we took is directly across I 10 from the Pilot Knob campsite. Not a particularly encouraging sign eh?
This area in the middle of the desert is supposed to be the site for the second coming. Just why it is there and who maintains it remains a puzzle
Remember, this is in the middle of absolutely "no where". The amount of work to construct this must have been awesome. All the rocks are quartz scavenged from all over the desert
I don't understand this but being simple I believe what the sign says.
Who cares that the striations on the desert floor look to me to be more like tank treads ..... eh?
Out where the predominant colour is grey, all of a sudden a puff of colour .. an ocotillo blooming
Groups of "Desert Rats" here there and any where
These are the people we stopped and talked to about staying in the desert. Note the solar panels on the roof.
We could do the same thing safely ... we have Guard Dogs!!!
This area was extensively searched for gold in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Some mines were open for many years before they "dried up".
A neat place to visit. Along with the RV Park is a little museum and restaurant
This Park has about 45 sites with full hookups. There is a waiting list to get a space. The owner suggested that we reserve now for next year.
A full winter here??? Hmmmm
Ahh.. the value of the GPS. This little beauty was an interesting drive. We left Gold Rock, plunked in our Park Address, chose the fastest route and this is what we got
In the depressions you could almost hide the Honda. A true roller ride -- if you dodged all the potholes
This is Felicity Ca. They claim to be the centre of the world. If you are curious why ... check out this link
Just behind this restaurant and general store is a Korean War Memorial. The pyramid sits on the exact centre of the world ... they say???
Just who pays for all this is a puzzle
Every soldier who was killed in Korea is listed here
Being Marble, this will last for eons
More information is available at this site
The best way to watch the Stupid Bowl ... Glass of wine and a comfortable chair
Notice that I was too lazy to retract the kitchen slide so that the hatch cover would be much higher. It seems that laziness grows on you the longer you are wandering
The Gila Bend Satellite Rally Italian dinner. Elsie is with Ken Oka from Gibsons BC and Sue a friend of theirs
Here the middle person is Sandra Daves, the wife of the Rally Organized Ron
The other side of the table ... I'm sitting with Ken Oka's wife Betty and the husband of Sue in the picture above
Dinner finally came and I got down to serious work ... spaghetti and meat balls ....
Proof that we won the 50 50 draw. Elsie insisted that she take this picture so that we can remember that we do win things once in a while
Lord Thurston, on guard! He seems to be fitting in here.


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