Epistle One




December to February 2011


You might think that I really knew what I was doing eh?
Lake Havasu site. Nice weather but it was cold. No pools open here... sigh
You can put up with cool weather as long as the sky is BLUE!
Kind of a neat dam over the Colorado river. It creates Lake Havasu.
The highway south goes right over the dam.
On the left ... Lake Havasu and on the right is the Colorado River that heads south past Parker and Blythe ...eventually hits Mexico
The road is actually better than it appears here, we are on our way to an old gold mining town of Oatman.
Blue Sky and desert ... what a beautiful contrast eh?
Of course we were singing "On Route 66" All we needed was a Corvette
First house on the way into town.
We rather enjoyed the comment here!
Just on the way in to town ... cactus always cactus
This is Downtown Oatman. Lots of tacky souvenir shops, but somehow it did not lose its sense of authenticity.

Mules every where. Apparently they are wild but you can buy bags of carrots to feed them. Mother Peanut and they cleverly named the baby, Butter

1 week old Charlie with Mom

Where's the food?

Had lunch here. Not bad food and a cowboy singer to entertain.
Walls covered with dollar bills ... not really original, but did add to the atmosphere.
He did prefer to sing the old twangy songs but was still excellent!
Supposedly world's best chile served here. Must be good as by the time I got out my camera, Elsie had snarfled it all.
A desert Christmas tree. Several of these along the road back to Havasu.
I look pretty calm eh? Don't be fooled ...
The desert does have a beauty of its own!
Heading to Desert Hot Springs, in the Coachella Valley, on the I 10.
This is in the Sidewinder in Desert Hot Springs. Cast of delinquents left to right ... Me, Patsy, Mark, Betty and John. Elsie took the picture
This is in the Lutes Casino in old town Yuma. Again Elsie took the picture and left to right Me, Gary and Janice.


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