Epistle Two




Feb. 4th to March 18th 2011

Caveat ... Elsie choose all these pictures!!!

"Oldtymer" Bruce has a B'day on Valentine's Day. Great group got together to remember this auspicious day.

Howard and Lynn, relatives of the Oldtymers, have become traveling partners

Bruce does enjoy his Birthday Cake

Geri, the distaff side of Bruce, making sure that all ensemble have too much to eat!

To our surprise, Harvey showed up with his new owners Bill and Sheila Hood from Penticton. (center of shot). Happy Hour with Gary and Janice from North Vancouver

It was bitter sweet to see Harvey again.

One of Elsie's famous moon shots

Another visitor from home, our good friends Ken and Betty from Sechelt BC

Stanley trying to get into the sun beams

Don't ask me ... Elsie has this thing about trees ...

This is the seed pod from that tree. Yeh I know ... HUH? What tree is it?

Mark and Pat in a Park near Temecula. Not bad park eh?

Elsie's adopted dogs. Mark and Pat's Shea and Bridget

Rather regal looking eh?

Pioneer Village just north of Desert Hot Springs in the Yucca Valley. This was the set for many TV westerns

Really well kept up

Can't you just picture the "shoot out"

This guy lost the shoot out I guess.

The general store was open for business

I love this sign!

This was a small chicken salad

I had the Chile though I guess I didn't know just how to attack it? ... notice the "jug" of Ice Tea. It was really hot and it came in handy

Neat place to visit and look around

Thurston doing his "Snoopy on top of the Doghouse thing". We don't have the doghouse so the passenger chair has to suffice. He jumps up somehow ....

Stan doesn't understand just why Thurston does this ...

It's getting hot. Time to head north! 77F inside and 100 F out. Good thing the AC works well!

While in Indio, we met up with my relatives from Ontario who were here over Spring Break. Gabe and Lynn Kampf with her sister Susan and husband Ron from Montreal.

This time, heading home, we thought we would miss the I5 and go inland. So, we headed to Vegas and then north.

Typical desert scene, but sure beats the views of trucks on the I5

What every RVer dreads. A flat tire in the middle of no where and it is HOT

North of Vegas the clouds start to look ominous

We were heading to Jackpot for the night. This is Ash Springs.

I'm getting just a little worried. It is not quite lunch time and the weather is looking grim

Sure enough, snow! Now, what to do? Should we pull up and wait out the storm or push ahead?

In for a penny in for a pound ... we push on

Sure enough blue sky and the storm seems to pass us by.

Further up the road ... this was not a "comfortable" sight

But, the sun is still trying hard for us

You can see the depth of snow on the shoulder. Far from Lund north of Powell River BC.

A private animal crossing near Jackpot.

Snake River near Twin Falls

Getting closer to the border and our first sight of the Okanagan River

Almost in Oliver on US 97

Border Crossing at Oliver. Compared to the I5, this was a beautiful drive!!!!

On the Hope Princeton heading home after we wait for a blasting crew to do their job

RV gods still like to put it to us. Snow on the Alison Pass.


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