Elsie chose all these pictures and wrote the captions


This where we turn off to head to Radium Hot Springs down hwy 95/

Our first signs of wildlife - a coyote
The main building to the Radium Hot Springs pool.
Joe looking for someone, anyone, to talk to in the Hot Springs pool.
No one else to talk to, so Joe leaves the Hot Springs pool. Quite a large pool.
Mountain sheep just ambling along the highway. Apparently quite a common sight.
Wow more wildlife! A deer along hwy 93 as we do a day trip to Lake Louise.
Had to stop to see what this sign said, so had to take a picture of it.
Hector Gorge - lots of water due to all the rain and snow run off.
We are always amazed at how beautiful the snow-capped Rockies are!
Made it to Alberta on our way to Lake Louise along hwy 93.
More beautiful mountains.
One of the many wildlife overpasses along hwy 1.
Mother and cub eating dandelions. Apparently they like dandelions.
This would be fun with Périgord but we did it by car.
Another interesting road, as you go west on hwy 93, into Radium Hot Springs.
Our site at Radium Valley Vacation Resort.
I found this plaque, in 'downtown' Radium Hot Springs, about the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.
A nice sculpture of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.
That is one large beaver I found in 'downtown' Radium Hot Springs.
Walking the dogs in our campground came across these deer.
Okay, okay, enough of these strange rock formations. Saw these as we were heading to Castlegar.
Awe, just one more.
Downtown Creston. Looks a little tight for Périgord but Joe did it.
A beautiful mural in downtown Creston.
Kootenay pass in the middle of June!!!
Looking down into Castlegar and the Columbia River.
Our site at the Castlegar Golf & RV Park
Thurston with his red dummy or soother.
Stanley checking out the great outdoors.
Looking down to the Columbia River.
Verigin Memorial Park with the Verigin Tomb - head of the Doukhobors.
Visited Nephew Jason & Julie in Slocan Park near Nelson. Kenai, the malamute on the left.
Grand-nephew Nick on the ATV.
Saying goodbye to the family. Jason, Julie, Joe, Nick.
Nick saying one last goodbye. Lots of space to run around on the ATV.
On the way to Penticton on hwy 3, a runaway lane for trucks which we hope to never have a need for.
Coming down into Osoyoos down Anarchist Mountain. Osoyoos Lake.
In Penticton the White Spot had Just burned down. What will we do now for dinner?
What's left of the White Spot. One of our favourite places to eat while Périgord is being worked on at Midtown RV.
We HATE the I 5 route south.
Even with Mt Rainier to liven up the scenery!
"Form line astern" ... going over the Columbia River ... it should have been Canadian, but history .... sigh ...
They make the Cabs smaller in Seaside so they add an extra chair ... just in case?
Great idea, I think!!!
We were on a mission of food ... where can you get the best clam chowder in Seaside. Norma's Restaurant is certainly in the race!
Now, their clams were spectacular!!!
Elsie loved the prawns ... Ah ... the importance of food in our lives!


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