These things are sure huge ... how they stay up is a puzzle .. except the wind is really blowing

Teddy Bears Picnic ... If you go down to the woods today you better go in disguise ....

That is Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach in the background

As you can see, there sure are a lot of kites ... most of the Dad and son small ones do not show up

For you long time sufferers, you might recognize this site as the first one that Elsie and I went to with the Folly.  It sure seems a long time ago now ... my fingernails have almost completely healed now

Roy and Diane at Swan Lake Campsite.  Note the beautiful weather.  From here on it became much cooler.  There goes my tan.  Also note the large site and grass ... no Peace River Mud to be seen

This is the view from the window in Harvey's Loo ... Not bad eh?

Dawson Falls in Wells Grey Park.  It was about a 10 minute walk from the car ... where are the bears?

Helmcken Falls in Wells Grey.  Note the snow to the right of the Falls

Getting ready to leave Prince George

Entering Fort St. John.  Note the Peace River Mud in the foreground

Sourdough Pete's Campsite.  The water tap leaked, so slowly the ground under Harvey began to literally melt.  In three days, the front jack sank into the goo over 6 inches.  This explains the Harvey's tilt here/

Famous sign in Dawson Creek for Mile 0 of Alaska Highway

Somewhere, I have a picture of Mom and Dad at this identical sign in 1943.  Interesting comparison

Dawson's famous Dew Drop Inn.  I had a tour of the bar given to me by the resident drunk.  The walls are covered with signed dollar bills etc from around the world.  I looked but didn't see anyone I knew.  A little difficult to do as there are literally thousands of the things.  There was also a stuffed 180 lb cougar.  Go figure

New signs showing the way to the highway.  I can't figure why the arrow was necessary as the road only goes two ways ... north and south.  Well, I guess you could get lost ....

Again, another new sign for the highway.  This guy is actually pointing the way north ... for the slow learners I guess....

The official brass plaque indicating the start of the highway

Now here is the controversy ... Before the road was built, there existed a road of sorts from Dawson to Charley Lake just 10 miles north of Fort St. John.  So, the people in Charley Lake claim that they are the real start of the Alaska Highway.  Think of all the signs that would have to be changed if this is accepted???

On the way back to Fort St. John, we went off the modern version of the Highway and visited this bridge that was the last wooden structure.  It is on a stretch of the old highway that is still maintained.

Given the number of bullet holes in the explanation sign, the locals are not impressed with this site

This wooden structure is actually cambered ... one of the engineering marvels

Ahhh ... my favourite time of the day ... picnic time.  Note the bridge in the background

I wonder how does this get any better ...????

Toad River Campsite ... no sewer, no water, but hey .... Ya got 4 TV Channels

Bull Moose just behind the Toad River Campsite

Impressive to us city slickers.  He paid very little attention to us ... thankfully ...

Had enough of the river vegetation ... time for dry land

Sunset at Toad River ... we are getting only about 4 hours night time now.  Less as we get further north ...

NO!!!  That is not a landlocked Beluga Whale!  It is me relaxing in Laird River Hotsprings

You will note that there are no pictures of Elsie enjoying the water.  I was threatened within an inch of my life if I dared to take one.  Suffice it to say, we both enjoyed the water that varied form 104 to 140 F.  the further you go closer to the source.  Here it was 104 and the falls would have been 106 or so ...

This is a serious Caribou warning sign.  There are similar Moose signs and bear signs

The Alaska Highway.  So far, on average, it is in better condition that the Trans Canada in Northern Ontario

The scenery just keeps getting more and more impressive

Watson Lake Sign City.  These posts with signs on them have been put there by people traveling through.  It actually cover almost a small city block.  They claimed to reach 6000 several years ago so how many they have now ... who knows.  Four people from Ohio brought signs and put them up while we were there.

On our way to Skagway.  This is Summit Lake.  Note that on the last week of May there is still ice covering it.

Statue by the cruise boat docks commemorating the "Stampeders" who entered the Klondike Gold Fields after hiking Chilcotin Pass.  We had a look at Dyea which was the jump off point and at one time had 6000 people.  They either were very brave, very stupid, or just Gold Crazy ... or all of the above ...

The same three ships in dock as we had 9 years ago.  Holland America in the foreground, Princess to the left and the Norwegian Line on the right.  Skagway had literally thousands of visitors from these three and the same thing happens 7 days a week during the cruising season.  By 6:00 all shops were closed tightly

On the way back from Dyea we stopped at "Skinny Lookout"

South Klondike Highway back to Whitehorse

Does Barley look comfortable or what ....

Now, he is comfortable .... "5 in the air" is his favourite position.  Note the left foot bandage

Hops on patrol in Vernon.  These days we can often let them off leash and the don't run too far ... Improvement is slow ....

Barley and Hops on guard.  Note that the stair cover was still working here and that the bandage is gone from Barley's foot. 

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