As a very famous man once said ... "you won't believe it!"  

A very brief synopsis follows:

1. Sept. 16th local technician finally listens to us and decides to replace the entire slide system supports and gears.
2. local dealer did not order the parts until Sept. 21st
3. sat on someone's desk at National in CA until Oct. 7th
4. parts ordered from Powergear in IN on the 7th and shipped, by truck to CA on the 13th
5. hopefully will arrive today in Perris CA (Oct. 18th) and then trans shipped north by truck (parts too big and heavy to be air freighted)
6. hopefully parts will arrive at the Great Wall (Canada Customs) by Thursday Oct. 21st
7. HOPEFULLY the lazy bastards there can have the parts to Fraserway by Tuesday Oct. 26th
8. hopefully parts can be installed on Wednesday Oct. 27th
9. hopefully we can get Harvey by the 28th and take him to DogPatch where EVERYTHING can be tested
10. IF all is then well we can leave by the 1st of November ....  after 6 weeks waiting for parts ....


I should mention I just sent a very long (8 page) email to the President , VP,  and Service VP in National as well as odds and sods in the local dealership, including the owner.    To say that it was terse would be an understatement!  This AM I received an Email from the President saying that he will study this missive and then get back to us this week.  SURE ... RIGHT ... I know that I can take that promise to the bank eh ....

Some fun eh???

This morning I was awoken at 3:00 AM with the rain falling so hard I was tempted to get Elsie up and have her start to build an Ark.  The past several weeks have seen an inordinate amount of rain and yes ... moss is starting to grow between my toes and rust is inhibiting my joints.  TIME TO GO SOUTH!!!    

Right now .... We are ...

Will let you know if and when we get out of here!!!!