Pictures for Epistle Three


On the way to the Painted Rocks ... (necessary picture as we are memory challenged)

Study this carefully and see if you can find any of these symbols in the pictures below

Elsie was passing this way so to commemorate that moment ...

Now, using the guide above ... learn the message of the rock....

Still more messages in the rock

And yet still more ... there will be a test on all this at the end ...

More modern additions ...

Barrel Cactus ... about 1.5 feet across in width

A good example of Saguaro Cactus

Elsie's short cut to Gila Bend ... just how deep is this puddle????

One of the campers in Casa Grande ... we nicknamed the park ... "Screaming Pigeon Park"

Pretty brave little buggers eh?

another memory jogger for us the memory challenged

Not a bad shot of the plane anyway

A World War II Trainer ... there were two of them there

Each plane got to take off and return buzzing the field ... it was a really interesting sensation for us

They are on their way back to strafe the field????

Note the name on the door ... the plane was used around Pilot Knob Tank training base

Now .... just how do I start this damn thing????

Just so you don't think that it is all beer and skittles ... we did get rain in Casa Grande

Hard to see here but this is where we hit the bee swarm on the way into Mexico ... the front windshield was really hard to see out of for the remainder of the trip to Kino Bay

Nothing bothers our intrepid traveler Hops ... this is her preferred travel day position

The road up to Kino Bay Campsite.  It doesn't look like much here but with a motor home these wash boards are truly hell

New Kino Bay from the road from the camp ground

This is the view from the front of Harvey

One of the roads to the beach from the camp grounds.  Note the high tide.  Low tide allows you to drive on the beach when you go looking for the ever present butter clams

The view to the pool area from Harvey

The pool itself ...

Just to prove that we did go swimming ... notice the "farmer's tan" on my arms

Elsie answering the question ... "I wonder what the poor are doing today?"

Quick .... get Green Peace ....

I took this from the water looking out to the large off shore island

a fence in Old Kino  ... made from Ocotillo cactus

Ocotillo Cactus blooming ... yes they have had rain here too

Seri Indian lady with her beautiful basket she was selling for almost $1000.00 US

We just stopped here on the way back from Shell Beach

Shell Beach

What the well dressed shell hunter is wearing this year

Just a few shells eh?

My idea of a geology pick ... what the hey ... it works

Some of the shell hunters ... The couple on the left, Richard Esther from Seattle and arrived with no car only a huge Harvey Davidson Bike ... so they joined us in the toad for several trips.  Denies on the right lead the procession

Just some group shots here.  The fellow in the in the yellow, Ken Oka,  is the owner of the satellite dish I am piggy backing on to get this out

Not bad weather eh??/

You can tell ... a really good posed shot

yet again ...great composition

Where we ended up after our day on Shell Beach

I will include more pictures of the camp ground in the next epistle.  We have a week more to go here so there should be lots more at which to look.