Pictures Instead of Epistle Four


Continuing from the last epistle, this is the entrance to the Seri Indian Reservation.  In a country that is not supposed to have guns, this picture is a little different eh?

The town center of the Seri Indian Village, Punta Chueca

The group entering Vickies for our $6.00 fantastic Mexican Dinner.  I had the best Chile Rellenos I have ever eaten that night

Richard and Ester ... the Harley Drivers.  We enjoyed their company a lot

This is a little Mexican Art Shop that really stood out from the rest of the buildings

We fell in love with the bright colours.  Elsie just had to buy several items ...

What with the Bougainvillea the ceramic work just stuck out

This is the Oyster Farm ... home to the $1.00 crab tostados

Will out lunch never come?  Bring on the Crab!!!  Maurice is sitting across from Elsie.  He is the generous person who supplied the satellite dish for us on our arrival.  Ours, on the top of Harvey, is too small to get a signal this far south

The Chefs at Oyster Farm

Now just who said I have a big mouth ... toothy grin eh?

The view of Oyster Bay Restaurant from the street

Menu ... remember in Mexico they use the dollar sign too.  To get the American equivalent divide by 11

I don't think anyone has tried the local conveniences

I do like the iron wood figures ... bought an Otter and a Saguaro Cactus for $10.00 US each

Osprey nest on the way to Oyster Farm

Entrance to Western Horizon Kino Bay Campsite.  RVs enter to the left of the arches.

Home for Harvey for two weeks  Next year longer ....

View from the front of Harvey looking south

View from Harvey looking south west

View from Harvey looking more Westerly

A Shrine on the road from New Kino to the Campsite

Sunset from the Campsite

We took this picture from Harvey's front door

One of the two roads down to the beach.  The building on the left is the pool

The top of the road from the beach.  It was steeper than it looks here ... or have 3w months of RV ing added to our girths????  NAH !!!!

The Sea of Cortez at low tide.  Many of the people here go claming in the shallow low tide waters.  Great butter clams found with amazing ease

Pretty dog gone nice place to be!!!!  Hops loves the beach sand ... that's why Elsie is carrying her?

You can drive on the beach at lower tide .... if you feel brave ...

Beautiful water, lovely sand, cactus and a sunny day ... does it get any better in the desert?

It is amazing the power of "Tax Time".  'Tis is the middle of March and the numbers of people here is diminishing rapidly.  When we arrived here there must have been over 30 rigs.  When we leave, there will be 8.  Everyone goes home to pay the piper though some have been here since Nov. 1

Getting closer to Harvey's spot Number 38.

Looks pretty good sitting there eh?

Just after we arrived .... notice the rigs behind us.  Here, I'm doing what I do best ....

Looking down the road from our spot.  Only two rigs left here

Half way through the second week, the view behind us.  Notice the lack of company

Friday is the long awaited arrival of the Veg and Fruit man from Kino.  Look at the angle that truck is on and they have taken half the load off.  When they arrived, the front of the truck must have been looking for satellites.

Even in Mexico Saint Patrick's Day must be celebrated.  Remember, there are only two types of people in the world .... those who are Irish and those who wish they were!!!!  Big Dinner pool side was laid on

Corned Beef, Cabbage, Boiled Potatoes and Soda Bread .... WOW.  The people sitting with us are Richard and Ester and Maurice's Cousin from Toronto who flew in for Spring Break

By the 17th there were fewer and fewer of us but that meant there was more food !!!!

We have had a few cloudy days and that means spectacular sun sets ....

These shots really don't do justice to the strength and beauty of the scene

Sunset behind Harvey's site

A Cardon Cactus -- looked more like a menorah ... though it does have more than nine branches

You have to look carefully here but it is a hummingbird on its nest

I had never seen a hummingbird not flying and this little lady made sure the heat did not get too high on her egg.  We were not there long enough to see the hatching, unfortunately!!!

The last day at Kino Bay ... only 9 rigs were left when we departed.  The campsite has over 60 spaces when full.  By April 3rd the place will be empty ... season finished ...

We have told you about the road out to New Kino.  Now, here it is ... in all its glory and dust.  9.8 miles of washboard and potholes.... keeps the faint of heart out ...

Now, you may wonder why Elsie in the Toad is following Harvey????  We were concerned that it one of the hatches opens we could loose stuff ... So Elsie ate dust .....

And what dust she had to eat ...  Must get the air cleaner in Harvey and the Toad replaced when we get home!!!

A rather laconic sign at the end of the road.  The 9.8 miles took us 1 1/2 hours to complete

Homes along side the Border  Corridor leading to Customs

Souvenir shop along side the Toll Road

US Border ... took us 30 minutes to navigate through this mess.  The lanes were poorly marked and there were many very impatient people causing high angst among us in larger vehicles

From here, we headed back into the good ole US of A.  Boy, did the roads ever seem smooth north of the border.  There was no problem crossing, but the inspector did come on board and ask us if we had anyone hiding in the bedroom ... more joking than serious, I think.  The first night was back to Amado where we stopped on the way down.  The total time from Kino Bay to Amado was 8 hours.  We then over nighted in Ehrenburg at a Western Horizon Campsite ( no charge Wheeee) and headed to Pahrump Nevada for Easter.  We will be leaving here on Tuesday March 29th  and heading home.  Hopefully the weather will co-operate, and we will have a sane trip ... but who knows as it is still winter, I guess.  We think that we will stop in Reno for one night and then make it over the Siskiyou to the 7 Feathers Casino for one night, and then one more night somewhere in southern Washington.  Hope to be in Vancouver and the rain by April 3rd to 4th.

So endith the Seeking of the Sun for 2005.  Next trip .... Oregon for a week in mid April and then Northern Washington and BC in late May and June....  LIFE IS FUN!!!!!!