Epistle One Pictures


Cousin Lori in Ottawa had a B'day cake for Elsie's Birthday ... in fact she had two of them

Newest edition to the Fry household in Ottawa ... a sibling to Mocha ... meet Gilbert

Rose Blanche Lighthouse rising out of the mist on the moor

The little town of Rose Blanche ... Great little restaurant here

Jimmy Harrison ... the only Newfoundland Guide imported directly from North Vancouver

Little Port Dock

Little Port .... note the red Newfoundland dories for the local fishermen

The Lookout ... Jimmy's guided tour .... just behind the Tower's home in Little Port

Jimmy and Linda Harrison at the Tower's homestead.  No, the balloons were not there to welcome us.  They were from the Big Party the night before ...

Cape Anguille Light House ... a little out of order as this is near Port au Basque

The Arches ... beside the road to St Anthony actually just before Portland Creek

Never doubt the power of water!!!

Another out of order picture ... what the hell, I'm getting lazy ... the is Fox Roost on the way to the Rose Blanche Light House

Winter firewood on the side of the road to St Anthony.  Note the sleigh in the top of the picture

One of the hundreds of small gardens on the side of the road to St Anthony

Lanse au Meadows Viking Reconstruction village.  Note the "real Viking"

This would be called Main Street today ... I wonder what "Main" is in Viking speak?

The "little women" ... she sure looks the part but actually she has her Fine Arts Degree from Memorial University .... a job is a job, I guess

Domestic Bliss Viking Style ... the fire is actually gas ... they got tired of burning down the huts because of the sparks from real wood fires ... things are never what they appear

These two are cooking flat bread for us.  It came with blue berries and fired in butter so it was quite good tasting ... just how authentic .... well ....

Western Brook Pond tour boats.  You can see the hanging valley at the top of the picture.  That is where we were going

Just a tad rough with the wind blowing like mad

Now here is a real Viking ... actually, I'm watching Elsie to see if my hat will be required ...

Once into the valley it got smoother but the guys at the back got up close and personal with the water from Western Pond ... in fact ... they were soaked

Water off the wall of the valley ... notice the wind driving the spray

Whew ... made it on shore with my hat intact ... now for the 3 km walk back to the car

Norris Point Fishing problem.  The boat on the left, was fishing and ran into a huge school of Mackerel.  So much that when the wind came up, it couldn't pull the net in so had to come ashore and scoop the fish from the net between the boats into the second boat ...  over 150,000 lb

Hard at it but the fishermen were happy with the size of the catch!!

Mascot complete with the life jacket

On the road to the northern point called ... guess .... Twillingate (heh heh .. that was a test)

Twillingate point ... Light House was under construction so didn't take a picture of that

A tourist sight on the way ... beautiful carving job

Placed on the side of the shop ... note the fishing licence on the front ... last year that cod licence were issued ... a little shot ... "She's gone bye's ... She's gone"

St John's harbour from Signal Hill ... note the size of the cruise ship .. 

Signal Hill 

From the front of Signal Hill looking down to the harbour

Distances from St John's ... note that Vancouver is further away then Bristol England

The weather is beautiful too

The harbour mouth ... now think about that rather large cruise boat going through here ...

What can I say ... the most eastern point in North America

St John's is behind us here

Of course, I had to put my foot in the Atlantic ... a little ways down ...

Local Park on way to Twillingate ... just before Virgin Arm ... I'm not touching that one

Our intrepid travelers ... They sure seem to like this life style

"What do you mean I have to go to bed???  Maybe I don't want to eh???"

Leave you with the famous "Newfi" Guide explaining to Elsie that there was indeed fish down there


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