Epistle Two Pictures


Targa Car Rally finishing on George Street St. John's

Class Winner .... Hey note the names on the side ... Paynters are everywhere!!!

Cod Tongue source ... one of the many bars / restaurants on George Street in St. John's

Back in Grand Codroy north of Port aux Basques ... across the Grand Codroy River - Harvey in the middle - what a view!!!!

View out the front window of Harvey in Grand Codroy ... Elsie wanted to find the "Pot of Gold" ... I told her that I was already here

Cape Ray NL ... The fog was just coming in ...

This is a house in the French part of NL called Port au Port.  The white cement figurines are some sort of statement ... perhaps too much free time???

Port aux Basques harbour entrance.  Note the similarity with St. John's harbour mouth in last epistle. Threading a needle comes to mind here!  How do they do it in the fog???

"Hard to Starboard" or is it Port???  An oops here would not be pretty

They made it ... apparently this is the world's largest ice breaking ferry ...

Port aux Basques as the ferry is leaving. 

We will be back!!!  We sure have liked Newfoundland and the Newfi people!!  Plans are already made for what we want to see and where we want to go on our return!!!

Cousin Paul, his wife Roxie, her Mom, Pearl, and the Barley and Hop's cousin, Chico in Middleton Nova Scotia.  Note the eclectic English style garden

This is the view as we step out of Harvey in Truro on Monday morning, after hurricane Juan.  These trees are about 60 feet from us.

It looked as if a great big hand had just pushed these over

Nothing fell on buildings and RV's ... just lucky I guess

Snap Crackle and Pop

Just how these missed that building I don't know ... the wind angle was just right I guess.  Just behind me when taking this shot was the main power line to the camp, lying on the wet grass ... doing nothing ... we didn't see if it was still live!!

Power wire on the left side of picture ... more snap crackle and fall over...

This one had snapped right at ground level.  The roots are still flat ... and so is the tree

Not a bad site (sight) eh?AHHH ...   St. Andrews and peace... This is our campsite looking out at Passamaquoddy Bay .. mouth of the St. Croix River

Not a bad site (sight) eh?

This is the view from my (yes Elsie, I know!) easy chair ... Hard to take eh

St. Andrews Lobster ... Elsie getting into "feed mode"  I keep my fingers back at this point

Not a sound was heard ... only the cracking of shells ...

I didn't put this shot in in epistle 1 but we found scallops in Gross Morne so I created Coquilles St. Joseph ... not as picturesque perhaps as lobster but we haven't done too badly in the food area 

How do Barley and Hops feel about all this???  They do keep asking when will we be back in the warmer weather ... but until then ... they can cope!!!

Just in case you could not find St. Andrews by thew Sea




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