Epistle Three Pictures


Rockport Maine ... The pool is just behind me as I take this picture ... 

Finally, Elsie is happy .... LOBSTER is presented!

This is the "before" shot ... I had cleaned the shells and left only the main bits

Elsie at work ... can you ever see a picture of her being happier ???  A true artisan!

But, there is still work to be done ... the Presbyterians were right pleasure without some form of effort?

That is what is left.  Note that I am finished and Elsie is still at it?  I wonder just who got the largest?

The colours just starting!  This is in northern Maine

These trees are brilliant colours, but the camera doesn't catch the intensity

A quick shot on the way to Winchester Virginia

Harper's Ferry ... this is where John Brown (of John Brown's body lies a molding in the grave) attacked the town looking for the several thousand muskets stored there.  He was hanged not far from here 

This is where the north surrendered after being thrown out of Harper's Ferry.  The three hills are scenes of battles during the civil war.  There has been no attempt to restore the area to be as it was during the battles but there are signs so you can follow along.  Need a good imagination of course

This is the entry to the Public Library in Winchester.  It is an ante-bellum building that has been carefully restored.  Elsie loved this shot ... for some reason

This is the scene just in front of Harvey in Winchester.  Overlooking a golf course ... hard to take eh?  The weather was superb which didn't hurt either

A picnic in the Shenandoah Valley.  Note the "Herold" chairs and the Toad's picnic table

Hey, that lunch looks too healthy!  I guess Elsie got carried away !!!

A famous house in Battery Charleston.  It overlooks the water and has a view out to the mouth of the harbour and Fort Sumter

This cannon is in front of the previous picture.  Perhaps this is why they call the area "Battery"?

Approaching Fort Sumter.  More about the flags in a second

Traditional "Where the hell are we shot"  Charleston in the background

This is the mouth of Charleston's harbour.  You can see just how important Fort Sumter was as canon here can control all shipping entering. 

Traditional "I was there" shot taken inside the Fort

Now the flags ... start with the lower one ... flag of the US before the Civil War.  Move to the right and it is the "Stars and Bars" the first flag of the confederacy.  The blue one is the flag of South Carolina.  The one in front of the big flag is the Confederate Battle Flag that became the flag of the Confederacy in 1863.  The one on the far left is the US flag right after the Civil War and the large flag is the modern flag of the US.  Neat eh????

The Ashley River flows through Charleston and along its banks are the ante-bellum plantations.  Some of these are open to the public at a cost.  We wanted to see one so we stopped at Magnolia Plantation.  A quick glance at the entry costs changed our minds quickly.  All prices per person ... 13.00 entry, 8.00 to see the garden, 12.00 to see the house ... we figured it would cost us about 100.00 to see everything.  We turned around and left!

We did see some flowers for free ... and here they are!

Just south of Charleston is ... I kid you not ... Folly Beach.  This is a summer spot and it attracts lots of fishermen who as you can barely see, fish off this long wharf

A beach house that is rented most of the summer.  The reason it is up on stilts is so that the wind can flow underneath it and allow some cooling.  Summer temps are the high 90's with 100% humidity.  I would not last long here in the summer.  Right now it is cool for them ... mid 80's

A view along the beach ... during the summer it is packed

Looking the other way along the beach

Opps ... how did this get in here???

One of the many city squares in Savannah Georgia.  Elsie is bound and determined to cross the very busy street.  There must be over 20 of these squares and each one has a story to tell.

Hey Joe ... I made it.  Notice Elsie is carrying everything including the Starbucks coffee

This is a down spout on the side of a house.  Elsie was fascinated with these and insisted I take this picture.  I think that maybe there is something "fishy" here?  I can't believe I said that

Jacksonville campsight.  This was a really tough parking job as we had to back up and make a turn that was over 135 degrees.  Didn't faze my co-pilot a bit.  It took less than 3 minutes for her to direct me in.  We have come a long way since the Folly!

Lazy Days site in Tampa.  We were just heading out for one of the free lunches when I took this

People have been asking how the dogs are.  Does Barley look happy?

It really is a dog's life 
ya know