What have we started here?  This has been on the back burner for over 6 years ... The previous owners did not do a very careful site preparation before they put down the old driveway.  We will have to undo a lot of shortcuts they took if we want this to last -- and look good -- for our remaining time in this house.

Our friend, Tony Mulder, did the construction -- 99% by HIMSELF! It turned out to be far larger a project than we first thought, but when it was completed, we were more than satisfied with the improvements. Tony did a superb job!!!!!!

Sort of BEFORE and DURING shots here .....

The way the old homestead used to look ... Concrete sinking badly
More cracks that you could shake a jack hammer at
More concrete means less grass to cut ... I always liked that thought ....
End of the first day of removal
End of the second day ... note the GREAT drainage eh?
Note the junk buried in the old drive that was beginning to rot ...
Shelby, the "Foreman" surveys the site
Blocks for the walls delivered
Slowly ... ever so slowly ... progress is made
The "Foreman" declared it was coffee time ... wall beginning to look good
Cement finally poured and waiting to become "cured"
Tony cutting each brick because of the curves ... yech ... what a huge effort
Will this thing ever be done???
One can hope for completion ....