Our view down Honeysuckle Lane in Hemet

512 Honeysuckle Lane Hemet

Honeysuckle Lane looking the other way in Hemet

Harold and Kathy North on the Road to Capistrano ... we thought

We could not get to Capistrano so we went to Old Temecula and had a great Mexican Lunch ... and no, that is not a lot of bull

Indian Waters in Indio Ca.

This is a nice park ... the neighbours were really friendly

Yeah ... it is 9:18 AM  .... Hops was still wanting more sleep ... it is a tough life guarding Harvey

The road to Quartzite ... note the flowers

As you can see ... it sure is flat around here ... Quartzite is just ahead where there were over 100,000 people dry camping and wandering around a tiny little town

Imperial sand Dunes ... usually just sand but not this year

huge fields of flowers all over the Dunes

All sorts of sizes, shapes and colours

Lily of the Dunes .....

Flowering Cactus ... you know that there has been a lot of rain

pretty austere place eh

Monument to General George S. Patton's Tank Training Camp

I never knew that this existed

yet another fly over Pilot Knob Campsite.  Either it was Marine Transport 'copters or it was the Border Patrol 'copters.  We were very close to the border here and Yuma has a Marine Training Facility

Out in the middle of the desert is this old ranch.  Now it is a store, museum and RV Campground.  Very popular place to come ... and not expensive ...

The store portion of the Ranch

The museum portion ...

Imperial Sand Dunes .... note the ATV tracks ... popular sport here abouts

The highway through the dunes.  Note only ATV tracks on one side of highway.  The other side is closed off to offroading.  Notice the plant life on the closed off section.  Hmmmmm....

Algodones Mexico main drag

More Doctors, Dentists and Opticians than you can shake a stick at

Algodones MX ....A very busy place

Really it is a typical border town ... makes Blaine Washington look pretty good eh?

I told Elsie when I married her that I would take her to all the very best places to eat...

Eat your heart out Alf .... the food was great and the beer was better.  We did have a toast to you

Sunset in the high desert in Yuma (Pilot Knob)

and once again a sunset in Yuma

Did you say the "COOKIE" word????  Huh ?????

What do you mean "no"?????