Epistle Five Pictures


Buckhorn Lake Texas ... Harvey on the other bank

Elsie returning from the dayly doggie walks

What more can I say ... We call this a bad memory shot ... just in case ..

This is the Natural Entrance to the Caverns.  In the Spring millions of bats live here and all leave at the same time in the morning and return in the evening.  Right now they are wintering in Mexico

Elsie on her way down ... Voyage to the Centre of the earth anyone?

As you descend, this is your last look at the heavens.  now about my claustrophobia????

This a one of the many rock formations you see ... the camera did not protray it as impresivly as it actually was

The way down ...

More rock formations showing the limitations of the camara

Harvey at Palm Creek Casa Grande

This is the November shot ... We will compare it to a similiar shot in January

This is a nice campground ... note the large flat sites!!!

21st century electrical production along the California highway.  There are acres of these things

Lou and Carol with Mr Bains and Bella

The Hicks yard ... are these people prepared or what???

Parker Dam California side is the left one and Arizona on the right

River Lodge Campsite 

Not a bad place eh what????

The evening view from our site to the Arizona side

again ... Arizona side from our site

Ajo Arizona and the first of the two drives into the desert

Saguaro Catus on all sides

more Saguaro cactus

and still more of the damn things

 This is the good part of the road ... the Toad does impress ...

Guess why this stop was necessary???? 

 yet still more Saguaro Cactii

 Solitary splender ... 

 Another "memory" shot

more Saguaro than you can shake a stick at

They grow up the hills like a forest.   This is on the windward side of the hills

You can tell that there has been a rain as the sides are swollen 

Organ Pipe Cactii 

 Picnic stop in the desert

 Remember this is in December ... 

Now just where are those damn snakes and at what temperature do they come out?

 Snakes .... smakes ... I want my lunch!!

his is entering Why Az.  The store and the gas station are around the bend 

Hops is always ready to go ..... bone in mouth and blast off 

 Parker Dam rest and recreation ... for Barley that is

The competition in Parker, Mr Bains and Bell ... Barley and Hops didn't speak to me for hours


Composing this epistle in Casa Grande.  Things do get tough eh?